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Block Paving Sealing

As many homeowners become aware of the need to seal the block paving on their driveways and patios, this has increased our workload quite significantly over the last few years. It can be very frustrating for someone when they invested a lot of money in having a driveway or patio laid, only to see it covered in weeds six moths later. This is due to the very porous nature of most block paving and seeling it is the only solution to stop this happening in future.

If you are looking for a high quality paving sealant, we are approved installers for Smartseal block paving sealers in Norfolk. We can clean your block paving as well as apply a protective sealer for added protection.

There are many good reasons for sealing block paving:

  • Inhibits the speard of Moss, Lichen and Algaes.
  • Reduces upkeep
  • Stops most colour loss from UV rays
  • Makes oil and grease removal easier
  • Help prevent movement of the paving 
  • Enhances colouring

You can look at some pictures of block paved areas we have sealed by clicking here.

To make an enquiry for block paving cleaning nad sealing in Norfolk, please call 0800 988 0348 or you may like to complete one of our online forms.